Our Company

We are one of the UK’s leading distributors of innovative & exciting baby, child & nursery brands & products. Natmark Distribution (NMD) is dedicated to sourcing & distributing only the best products to our established network of multinationals & small independent retailers throughout the UK & EMEA.

Exclusive Brands

We scour and source parent and kids perfect products from all over the world… We pick only the best products we believe in and then work our best to highlight them to parents all over the UK and beyond!.. If you are seeking distribution & would like to be a part of our family, please contact us

Strong Client Support

We work very hard at making sure every interaction at every point with our clients is underpinned with our ethos of making everyone happy!

Industry Connections

NMD have over the years created and cultivated amazing connections across industry silos and we want to help your brand exploit those! We are here to help bring your unique product to a whole new audience… If you are seeking distribution & would like to be a part of our family, please contact us


NMD have worked in retail and FMCG for over 20 years now and we have moved with industry in all its forms and have vast experience in high street retail, B2B, distribution and e-commerce, as well as strategy & marketing in every paper and digital format!

Our Story


Spured from finding amazing products that help everyday life for our own two children, we wanted to bring these products to the UK to help other families. We have over 40 years combined experience in Sales, Marketing and Distribution and felt that the next natural progression was to build a business in the areas we are passionate about. All the companies we work with are small family owned and run and all share the same passion and goals as we do.

We really hope you find these new innovative products as exciting and useful as we do

"NatMark is amazing! From the start, they jumped right in! Our company, Funbites was on Shark Tank a few short years ago. Though we do have presence worldwide, we chose NatMark to help catapult the brand to the next level. Strategic, responsive and detail oriented, NatMark is truly the best source for international sales. They now handle our business worldwide! We are so excited we teamed up with NatMark!"

Bobbie Rhoads
CEO, Funbites Ltd

"I am so pleased that we’ve partnered with NatMark to grow our European business. They are professional, detailed, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. They have gone above and beyond to understand who we are as a company in order to best represent our brand."

Melanie Hurley
Founder & CEO, Piggy Paint

Natalie Phillips

Natalie Phillips

Managing Director

MD & Logistics Expert; Natalie has an amazing talent in making every crazy idea come to fruition, marketing queen and Amazon guru. Oh and yummy mummy of 2.

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips

Managing Director

MD and Creative & Sales Mastermind, Mark has the power to visualise something in this mind and in the a matter of months (with Natalie’s help) bring everyone’s dream to life. Oh and yummy daddy of 2.